Friday, January 3, 2014

The Heady Family

Another day after Christmas means another fall families post. I have waited to post photos from my fall family sessions because I did not want to spoil any Christmas cards that would be sent out. So now you will enjoy a week or two of fall photos. I hope these don't make you wish for fall already like I am... But I do love this snow (or at least the chance for it!)!

This is the third time I have been able to photograph little Piper and this was by far the hardest of the three. Last year I did their family's photos and she was barely old enough to hold her head up. For her one year pictures in May, she showed off with smiles. For their annual family photo, she was not in the mood for photos! Even though it was hard to get her to smile or look at the camera, I still love some of the images I got. Some of them are simply hilarious. I usually don't give my clients the photos of their child screaming and crying, but sometimes they just need the comic relief. I love the Heady family. I love sweet Piper. And I hope you love these sweet pictures of their family!

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