Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Labradoodle Saturday: Week 1

Annie does not like having her photo taken. But I like having photos of her. I follow so many blogs and photographers that do their yearly 365 days or 52 week projects. I have always wanted to participate but found my life lacked the proper subjects (kids). This year is going to be different. I have decided to post every weekend with an "Annie" post. I am going to base the photos I take off of a photographer I follow (My Four Hens) and her weekly themes. 

Friends, I give you: Reflection. 

I cannot wait until December where I can look back over a year of this sweet pup. This series already feels special to me after I lost my childhood dog yesterday. After my mom called and informed me that they had to put Molly down, I searched through all of my photos for pictures of her. Sadly, I could not find that many. I am also going to try and put myself in some of these images with Annie. It is so important to be in the pictures yourself. I hope doing this will better prepare me to photograph my own children and to also be in the photos with them. 


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