Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Williams Family

Well. Christmas is over. This is always the sad time of year, yet exciting because it's a new year! I waited to publish blog posts of my fall families to save their photos as a surprise for their Christmas cards. But now that Christmas is over, let the posts begin! This may take a few weeks to get through all of these families. These families I had the honor of photographing were fabulous! They make me so excited about what I am doing and where our business is headed. 

Meet the Williams. Eric is the new youth pastor at my home church in Sparta. His wife Amanda is simply adorable and, well, Jane, is just too cute. This sweet couple loves their students and their church. It makes my heart happy to know these two are leading the youth group that I was once apart of. 

Their session took place at 8AM on an early Saturday morning. It was absolutely gorgeous and the sun had just topped the mountains. Everything was glistening with the early morning dew that would soon evaporate. Their dog Jude ran around while we took pictures of just them. We took these photos on some of our family's property. I love the old home and the beautiful yellow maples in the front yard. They even had chickens to amuse the kids! 

I hope you enjoy this first post of many highlighting my wonderful fall families.

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