Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bryan College Worldview Initiative

These past few months have been full of photo sessions. I also got behind on my blogging which only added to the number of photo session posts I had to blog. The rest of this week will feature some of Justin's recent film work. And yes, this first one is from August. Yes, I am a horrible wife for just now posting it! 

August was a month of reoccurring projects. We had the honor of filming Bryan College's Worldview Initiative's staff introduction video again this year. Last year's video was full of color and fun with bright balloons. This year we tried to come up with something to top that. We decided on using paint and canvas. If you didn't already know, we have some artistic people at Bryan. Each student was able to make their own piece of art for the video and then they were able to take it home with them. We hope you enjoy this fun, upbeat, and again colorful video of Bryan's Worldview team!

Watching this video and being in contact with students at Bryan makes us miss all of the sweet people there! We love our life in Nashville.. but we also miss our first home (not the actual mold and roach infested building), Bryan, Dayton, and all of the awesome people there! This town and this school was where we spent the first two years of our marriage together! It will always be a special place to us... WE NEED TO COME VISIT!  

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