Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Justin!

He's 22! Happy birthday to my dear husband. 

I am not one to post personal thoughts much, nor am I one to be all sappy. But my husband is the best. This post is all about him. 

I am now going to tell you everything he does for me personally.  He cooks for me, cleans for me, fixes my computer for me, dumps my CF cards for me, holds my camera bag for me, runs around with lights for me, makes the bed for me, picks up our dog's poop for me, drives for me, fixes my lunch for me, fixes any technical problem for me, pumps gas for me, goes to the grocery store for me, fixes any customer service problem for me, pays our bills for me, and just takes care of me. I love him. He is quite great. 

I accredit the success of our business and my own personal photography to him. He is the one who sits countless hours learning about lighting, camera gear, and other fun stuff. He enjoys simply renting a new piece of gear and making cool time lapses of the stars. I never have to worry about anything technical. He ALWAYS fixes it. Everyone takes him up on this skill. He is so talented in so many areas. I think he could literally do anything. He is great with sound. He is great with video. He is also a great sales person. He is great with helping people. 

Sometimes I look around and see where we are and I cannot help think of how lucky I am and how lucky we are. We get to do what we love and we get to do it together. And I could not do this without him.

Happy birthday! I love you! You better enjoy your chicken parm I am fixing you tonight! ;)

 Justin shooting at random film projects..

 He loves his Dunken Donuts.. and that glide cam..
 What I love most about him is how much he loves our nephew! He will be a great father to our children.

Presh. (they are probably watching/listening to David Benedict on the mandolin..) 
  Justin helping my dad with his computer. He will help anyone with anything technical. And always fix it.
He wins film awards. Because he's just that great. 
 He loves my family. Which I am very grateful for.
He takes picture of the cows while we keep them out of the road..
He helps me make really awesome school projects.
 He makes really awesome videos for our friends.
 He runs sound. And runs it well.
 He is obsessed with Five Guys.
 He will pose for me.
 He loves laughing with friends. (this is him FaceTiming with Yacob...)
 He dresses fancy. I love that he likes to look nice. I love that he likes to wear ties and nice clothes. I like him.
 He works ALL THE TIME (even while camping at the lake with my family).
 Lastly. He loves our pup. Even though he says he doesn't.. :)
#tbt #throwbackthursday He loves fun fetti. This was Justin a year ago on his birthday. (Gosh all I see in this picture is our old house.. and how much we hated that house! But this year we will be celebrating in our brand new apartment with family!)

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