Friday, January 18, 2013

Antique Desk/Styled Back to School Sessions

Craigslist scares me. But, I made the venture. I have been wanting to purchase an antique desk for a while now. I have seen many photographers doing stylized back to school sessions for elementary school students. I have fallen in love with them and decided I want to begin this adventure in doing these types of sessions! My first step was acquiring an antique desk. Check. 

These sessions will take place in a wooded area with different props: globes, apples, old books, bow ties, bonnets, and suspenders. I look forward to doing more stylized shoots. We will also provide more traditional pictures as well during this session. We might even include a giant chalk board to include some of the child's favorite things and year in school! If you are interested, please let me know! Pricing for these sessions has yet to be decided but there will probably be a discount for those who book early! I plan to do the sessions before school starts in the fall. Therefore, I may do them in late July. But I will keep everyone posted! 

Isn't she beautiful? =)

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