Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Best Of Friends

Over New Years, Justin and I traveled to Louisville, KY to visit our dear friends. Our plans were to visit, make videos, and talk. We did just that. Monday morning, Justin, Jacob Anderson, and myself drove to KY and spent the evening with some of Kevin and Debbie's friends from their church. We ate, played games, and worshiped in the New Year. Some more fave friends, Kyle and Saraya, were there as well! The following day, we slept in, late. It was great. It is nice having friends with the same sleep patterns as us. We watched Michigan almost pull a win in a bowl game, then we went to the church and played an exhilarating game of dart ball. We finished the evening with yummy tacos and the movie "Date Night." The following day, we slept in, again. We got up and ate lunch then the guys went and made videos for Kevin. Debbie and I went shopping! We went to a Zappos outlet store where they were having a super sale. The sale was anything $100 or less was $20.13 (get it? 2013?). So, I bought Justin an awesome pair of $96 pair of shoes for $20.13 and myself a $60 pair of shoes for $20.13. We also went to Target and TJMax and wanted many things we could not have.  

Anyways... this was the best week I have had in a long time. It was so good to spend time with such wonderful friends. We simply picked right back up where we left off last. Deb and I talked a lot about their precious Enoch who they hope to bring home soon. It is so encouraging hearing their love for their child that they have never even met. Such a glorious picture of the Gospel. 

Below are two videos Justin made for Kevin (He also made others for their church which are not yet completed). Justin experimented with free lensing in these videos and I LOVE it! The second video tells about Kevin and Debbie's adoption journey. If you want to know more about their adoption process or their current needs (which they still have financial needs) jump over to their blog: Forever by Grace!

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