Saturday, January 12, 2013

An "Extended" Jared Christmas

Sadly, I did not take any pictures at my Grannys house at Christmas Eve. I think I was too busy eating and playing canasta instead of thinking about pictures. =) There was also no sweet Owen to urge me to capture his sweet smiles. I also did not take any pictures on Christmas day at Justin's parent's home. I think I may have failed somewhat this year on the whole picture thing. However, I took many during Christmas at our Mawmas. I really think it is Owen who encourages me to bring out my camera. 
The day after Christmas was spent at my sweet sweet Mawmas house. Just the week before we did not think we would be having Christmas at her house. Two weeks before, she suffered a stroke. We spent many days in the hospital, but she is now home. It was such a special Christmas to be able to spend it with her in her home with all of our family. We were also thrilled that she was able to cook and spend it with us. 
We are tremendously blessed. 

Her house is filled with Christmas decor. It made for some lovely light bokeh behind all of my sweet pictures! 

Sweet time with Gran.

So sweet.

He loves his Puffs. 

He thinks Rachel is pretty! 

Every year, Mawma requests a play from the great grandchildren. And every year it becomes a little more extravegant. {Last year, Justin, Matt, and John got pulled into helping =) }

Owen did not know what to think about it. 

But he liked watching the kids sing. 

This year, Chris got to be involved =)

They ended with a fun song on the stairs. You can see Owen is now involved. And you can see by the pictures below how nervous the parents were.. =)

They were being pretty wild on the stairs. 

Sweet time with me (Aunt Hannah). 

Playing with his new blocks from Mawma

Such a special evening with such a very special family. 

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