Monday, January 14, 2013

A Jared Family Christmas

What an exciting Christmas! We had two new additions to the family this year. This was Owen's first Christmas, and it was so much fun having a little one on Christmas morning! My parents also got their new puppy Lady (which was my mom's Christmas present). 
We used to always do Christmas on Christmas morning, but with our new married lives and church jobs, it makes it almost impossible. However, we still pretended it was Christmas morning, even a few days late =). 

Owen was so cute with his toys.

Mom and Miss Lady.

Owen's sock monkey from his favorite aunt and uncle. 

Julie and Matt got Justin season three of The Office! 

I am always talking about wanting artwork for my home. So Julie had someone paint me a picture of Annie =)
(Justin is playing with his new iPhone case..)

Matt got books.. 

He looks so grown up! 

I think this picture is so sweet! 
Granny and Pa came to visit us (or maybe just Owen). 

We got Dad some leveling blocks for his camper. 

And mom got him a stabilization tripod for the camper. 

They also got a fun gift from Matt and Julie! 

We got mom a fun "red" cookbook stand for her kitchen. 

So cute!

We are truly blessed. We continued the day with a yummy breakfast with gravy, chocolate gravy, biscuits, eggs, bacon, fruit, fried chicken, and hash browns. We took some naps and played many hands of canasta. Later in the evening we ate our favorite appetizers with punch: stuffed mushrooms, stuffed jalapeƱos, a cold mexican dip, a hot mexican dip, shrimp, hot ham and cheese sandwiches, sausage balls, and probably a few other things I cannot remember. Then we played more canasta. I think this was the first year where we were all able to stay the entire day without having to leave and go somewhere else. I love my family. 

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