Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We have been having a problem with our freezer door not staying shut. Whenever we shut the fridge door, the freezer door pops open. A few weeks ago, when Justin's parents were here, Susie recommended buying a children's safety lock for fridges. So we picked one up (for $5...) and it is a lifesaver! We no longer wake up in the morning to find the freezer had been cracked open all night.. yikes! 

I love having a lot of pillows. But do you tend to find them thrown here or there? As you can see here, two of the bedroom pillows are on the couch... But I don't think Annie (or Justin for that matter) seems to care..

Cannot wait to post pictures from the wedding I shot with Raegan Turner this past weekend! I even already have them edited for you all! Happy Tuesday!

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