Friday, September 7, 2012

The Routine.

Apparently, Bryan's business professors enjoy teaching 8 o'clock classes. So this semester, I have an 8 AM class everyday, which has been the case since I have started (I think). It's no big deal. I am over it. I simply get to enjoy the rest of my day while everyone else is stuck in their afternoon classes =). But all this to say, I love having a routine and this semester has started off pretty nice. I get home at around 8:55 AM and Justin is leaving for his 9 AM class. I walk in, immediately change out of my business suit and jump into my pajama pants. I stroll over to the kitchen (about two feet from the bedroom) and make me a wonderful bowl of cereal, topped with fresh strawberries. I then sit on the couch with my cereal, cuddle with this poof ball we like to call Miss Annie, and enjoy the status's and pictures of friends on Facebook. 

Now, to get off of the couch and be productive! However, today will consist of a nap as I prepare for a wedding with the wonderful Raegan Turner tomorrow! (Departing at 6:30 AM! Eek!)
Happy Friday! 


  1. Hannah! I eat cereal with fresh strawberries every morning too! : ) I hope that the wedding shoot went well! So exciting : )

  2. It went super well! Raegan Turner is pure awesomeness! You just made me crave cereal and strawberries. At 11:00 at night.