Thursday, August 23, 2012

Internship: La-Z-Boy

This summer Justin and I had to complete an internship for our major. I will talk about his in another post. 

I was able to work at La-Z-Boy here in Dayton this summer, and today was my last day. The position was new, so I was basically creating the job from scratch. I was given my own office which had a view of the entire plant. I arrived every morning at 7:00 AM even though the rest of the plant had been there since 5:40 AM.... The only good part of getting there early was that I was able to leave at 3:30.  It was interesting to work inside the factory and see how the production went. My main job was to record the sewing department's efficiencies and qualities. Each day I would gather their time sheets and calculate their efficiencies. I recorded this data into a useful format for the supervisors to review and consider each sewers performance. I also did other random projects for the poly department. 
The view out my window in my office (hard to see)
That window with the light on, that is my office. 
Overlooking the plant. This is only about an eighth of it. 
Here is one of the sewers. 

Here is one of the many hundreds of signs I made for the Poly Dept. I made a template in Excel where I would just punch in the numbers and it would figure the totals. 
A look inside the Poly Dept. 
These are the time sheets I would go through everyday. 
Here are my spreadsheets I made in Excel to record the sewers information. 
I also graphically showed the data so my supervisor could visually see productivity. 
Lastly, here is me hard at work. My office was freezing, I kept that jacket in there and I wore it every day. I even started wearing long sleeves. 
My wardrobe everyday also consisted of my fancy I.D. badge and safety glasses!

Today was my last day at La-Z-Boy. It was a bittersweet day. It has been a great summer. Everyone there was super nice and welcoming. I am excited about starting my last year of school, but I was sad to leave the people at La-Z-Boy. It was a great learning experience and it was useful to see the work that goes into manufacturing. 

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