Friday, August 24, 2012

Internship: Moody Radio

Justin's internship was stressful at the beginning. He did not realize he had to have something music based. A few weeks before the spring semester he was able to finalize a summer internship with Moody Radio. He spent every Tuesday this summer helping out around the Chattanooga station.

Wherever Justin goes he makes great connections. He always does his best and people notice. He was able to get a video gig from working here. For helping out one guy, he was given a gift card to Applebees and the guy wrote him a thank you card and he called him "Justin the Amazing." 

Outside the radio station. 

Paul Martin, afternoon host, doing the weather forcast. 

Extreme nerves!

He got to be on air! Even the sweet lady at the front desk at Bryan told him she recognized him on the air. 

A few times Justin was able to give the weather forecast live. He said this was one of the most nerve wraking experiences he has been through. 

Justin tried to explain some of the process of the radio business. It is more confusing than anyone could possibly imagine. Timing is very important in radio. I think this business would stress me out to the max. 

Our summers have been very busy and completing these two internships created a lot of stress, but the experiences we learned were worth it. I am so thankful Bryan required us to do this for the summer. It is so important to get out there, learn, work, and connect. 

Have a great weekend! Jared moves into college tomorrow!

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