Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Anniversary Trip

On our honeymoon we went white water rafting so we wanted to do something "a little" adventurous for our anniversary trip. We had never ridden rollar coasters together, so we decided Dollywood would be a good and fun place to go. We had plans of going earlier in the summer for free thanks to my best friend Chels. However, we. had. no. free. weekend. 

Justin's summer classes were extra stressful this summer. He took Greek I&II while also taking Music History III. They were not your normal summer class and required more time than we had. His classes ended the day we left on our trip! Not only were we celebrating being married for a year but we were celebrating freedom from school! (until it starts back next week..) 

This trip was just what we needed, time away, just the two of us. Dollywood was perfect. We walked onto every ride without having to wait in line. The weather was also perfect. I don't think I sweated at all. I even got cold after we got wet on some of the rides. We finished our weekend by eating lunch at The Old Mill and shopped a little. Then we headed to Sparta to pick up Miss Annie and headed back to Dayton. 
We ate some yummy pizza at Dollywood!

Our favorite ride was Mystery Mine!
Justin had fried chicken. {ignore my missed focus..}

I had chicken and dumplings. The Old Mill is my FAVORITE! 
Driving through Pigeon Forge. 

I cannot explain how perfect this trip was! 

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