Friday, July 13, 2012

Don't Shoot Me...

We live in a very small apartment (bigger now than before). We have a not so small dog. This dog, Annie, likes to bark and be destructive when we are away. When she is at my parent's house, she barks constantly (we think it is the unknown surroundings). Since people live on the other side of the wall from us and because it is simply annoying, we decided to do something about her barking, because scolding does nothing. 

I jumped on Amazon and quickly ordered a bark collar. Two days later it was on our doorstep (thank you Amazon Prime). Two seconds later it was around her neck. The reviews for this collar were both extra positive and extra negative, but we decided to give it a shot anyways. First bark, jumps straight up in the air from the unexpected shock. I do not think Justin or myself have ever laughed so hard. The next day we sat up a video camera while we left. She barked a few times but began to learn that barking hurts. 

(Isn't she cute?)

Now she just does a little faint bark when she is in the mood. She is also less destructive with it on. We take it off her to play and during the night. I think it was a good purchase and I would recommend it to dog owners who can't take much more of the constant barking. 

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