Thursday, July 12, 2012

No. More. Bugs.

We got infested. With bugs. It was no good. At all.

So, we moved! Moving is already stressful enough, but we had to make sure to not bring any bugs with  us! eek! I began packing things in Rubbermaid's (those roaches love cardboard...) but there was no space in our little place to put anymore boxes. I had to put packing on hold and just wait for the old renters to move out so we could move in and escape the bugs. 

On June 18th, I got the keys to our new home. That night, Justin and I decided to not stay another night in our infested house. So what do we do? We move the mattress of course! We both thought it would be no big deal. Ha, have you met me? I could hardly get it out the door (Justin basically carried it by himself). We got it outside (thinking it would hang out the back of the car) to find that it, in fact, would not even come close. We then proceded to lift the mattress on top of the car and drive it across the street to our new home. It worked. But it was hard. I took just the necessities over so we could get ready the next morning and survive until the final move. 

The only bad part about moving the mattress on top of the car, no pictures. 

That week I proceded to move items, one at a time, over. I managed to move our clothes, everything from the bathroom, and a few kitchen supplies. The following Sunday, my parents arrived (hallelujah!)with their camper, prepared to stay for two weeks!

My mom and I spent the evening washing dishes, moving boxes, and other random items. The next day, Scott and Jared were coming to help Justin and my dad move the heavy items, so we needed everything but the furniture out. 

Monday, June 25th, I woke up bright and early and headed to work. During work, I discovered my parents were working extra hard clearing everything out of the house. They decided to move everything out of the house into the yard (roaches hate the light and heat, and boy was it hot). This helped get a majority of the bugs off of our furniture. 

Again. No pictures. 

We spent the rest of the evening moving furniture, squishing bugs, spraying bugs, and running from bugs. We ended the night with a yummy meal a Momo's BBQ (according to my dad, they have the best slaw). 

After supper, we decided to place a few items and furniture that still had bugs on them back into the old house and bomb it (this was a good idea). We have pictures of this. But you do not want to see it. Trust me. 

The rest of that week my mom and I organized the new apartment. She would drop me off at work, work on her school work, pick me up, then we would get busy. My dad drove down every night and went back to the farm every morning (we love him). This week was also filled with many Rook games, which the girls.. won. 

I loved having my parents here with me and having my mom help me with our new home. I loved cooking with her, cleaning with her, laughing with her, and winning with her. We went antiquing and  found some great hole-in-the-wall places. If I had a few thousands dollars, we would not be able to fit in our house because of all of the things I wanted to buy! But I was able to find my nifty little table and that is good enough for now. Maybe when we really move into a home, Justin will give me an antiquing budget ;).

Below are a few detail shots of our new home. I decided to not do the entire house since everything is the same from our old place. Enjoy. 

Apartment #9

My fancy shelf my Pa made me and canvas of my PawPaw's favorite song.

Fridge decor. 

A beautiful Christmas Cactus my sweet Granny brought to me when her and Pa came to see our new place and camp with my parents. 

Nice CLEAN white cabinets...


My "&" for pictures (and decoration) and some of my favorite books... (no really!)

Justin's "Broad Street" sign

Details of my nightstand. Picture from our reception, my favorite Willow Tree Angel (given to me last Valentines Day), milk jug given to me from my Mawmaw for my wedding, and my windows from a thrift store.

More kitchen drawers!!!!

And lastly.. Justin's parents gave us an antique hutch that was his great grandmothers. I will post more of it later after I give it a little "makeover." I love the red trim and it even has a sifter built into it. Honestly though, my favorite part is the extra counter and cabinet space. 

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