Sunday, July 15, 2012


My favorite form of organization is organizing by color.

I love being organized, but our old apartment did not leave much space for this. It was mostly a matter of just find a place for it, stuff it here, hide it there. But now with our slitely bigger space and extra room, I have room to.... be organized! I used my dresser drawers for my getting ready utensils (hair brush, hair dryer, make up, etc.) This "stuff" took up two drawers and left only two for my many clothes. Our new apartment now has room for these items to be placed in the bathroom (where they should be)! So I was able to free up another drawer for my clothes. Another thing you might should know about me is my love for camis. I have one in every color. Oh and they are all the same brand. So with my new drawer, my first mission was to neatly organize my shirts. My closet has always been color coded, even within each color (light blues, medium blues, dark blues). Knowing my clothes are in order by color allows me to sleep a little easier at night. 

I also did this with Justin's t-shirts. Not only does it look better, but you can fit so much more. I also now have a filing cabinet. We no longer have stacks of papers just sitting around the house. 

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