Monday, May 20, 2013

We Moved!

First, I needed a wider angle lens to capture our apartment. Maybe I will take some more pictures this weekend while we have one rented. Second, I will say "love" many times throughout this post, because I LOVE our new apartment. 

Many of you knew how horrific our previous living conditions were. However, many of you do not. Here is a brief summary: bugs (roaches, ants, spiders), mold, small, smelly. 

Our new apartment outside of Nashville in Smyrna is absolutely wonderful! We are in love with it. Below are quite a few pictures detailing our little home. 

Fall decor still on the wreath =)

My little project from today. 

Our kitchen! 

Our last apartment only had a small single sink. Now we have a huge double sink and a dishwasher! Blessed! It is the little things in life. 

Off from the kitchen is our little laundry room (pictured later). 

My yet to be organized pantry! It is nice not putting food items in my cabinets were my plates go! 

So thankful for our parents for buying us a washer and dryer set for our graduation! (Ignore my unorganized shelf)

Hallway shelf. 

That leads into the office/storage/guest bedroom. 

Guest bathroom! 

Dining room! 

I LOVE the box I found for the quilt my grandmother made for me! It fits perfectly! 

My little flower pot on our little porch. Thankful to have a porch so I can display my little birds made by my sweet Pa. 

16 years of school. Last yearbook coming in August.. 

I LOVE my new lamps!! 

An important book in this house. 


My lovely sister made me some lovely curtains for graduation! 
My current goal is to add color to our lives. Why live a dull, colorless life? These curtains are helping achieve my goal! 

I love my little living room. 

She also made these pillows for me when we got married. She is pretty awesome. 

Of course we were watching The Voice tonight. 
All I need are six baskets to complete my yellow T.V. stand/bookcase. 
That picture of the nephew might be my most favorite item in my home. 

I love plates. I also love Target's plates. 

Our bedroom! Our huge windows let in so much light and our white bed makes everything so bright! I love it. I am still deciding on what to do above the bed. 

Julie also made me these curtains and pillows from when we got married. 
Annie likes looking at the picture of herself. 

I did not think this bookcase would fit. However, our room was much bigger than I had thought! SO MUCH ROOM! We love it! I am still working on what to put on it. 

I made that. =)

I love my dresser my Pa made me. (He also made the headboard, end tables, and bookcase in this room)

Why not decorate your house with photo props. 

My sweet sister gave me this painting of Annie for Christmas. 

Our yet to be organized closet. We still have empty shelves in it! And room for more clothes?!?!

My favorite room. I LOVE our bathroom decor! How does Target keep being so awesome? 

I painted that. =)

I just love it. 

Our second bedroom. Almost everything has a place. 

It is so nice to have a place to put all of Justin's equipment. It is also nice to have a place to work without braking our backs while sitting on the couch. 

Lastly, my sweet painting from my sweet friend Dorie. 

I hope this gives you a little glimpse into our lives! We love our new home in Smyrna. Later I will post pictures of outside our apartment complex and the dog park! 

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