Monday, April 22, 2013

Your Fall Music Video Narrative Filming

Yes, it has been quiet here for a while. School and life have been, well, crazy. We now have just two full weeks of school left!!! Justin and I are beyond excited about being finished with college and starting our lives in Nashville. I am behind on many projects for the blog, including a few recent photo shoots. So I hope to have some of these up throughout these next two weeks. 

A few weeks ago we filmed the narrative portion for Trinity Avenue's "Your Fall." It was roughly six different scenes, but I did not take pictures at all of the sites. 

Thank you Susan Dickerson with Remember This Photography for letting us use her studio for our "white room" scene. Her studio was perfect for the scene we had in mind! 

Sometimes your actors just need to be a little taller.. 

One of my jobs, besides taking pictures, was pulling focus for the husband. 

And a special thanks to The Masters' Brew for letting us film in their coffee shop! 

He literally does it all. 

Stay tuned for the releasing of the final video!! 

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