Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Exciting things in the mail!

Eeek! Today, I received a very special package in the mail! Last week, I sent in tri-folds I had designed to be printed. Today, they arrived, and I could not be more pleased with them! They are a soft gray on a linen textured paper. I place my own personalized disk inside. If I take your pictures this year, be prepared to receive one of these beauties
I have been lacking on the packaging for my disks. I could never decide on what I wanted to use. First I folded my own envelopes. Then I decided I would have my sister sew me some cute envelopes. Then, my dear friend, Raegan Turner, introduced me to these beautiful tri-folds. 

I enjoy taking still life photos. Maybe it is because they stay still... =). 

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