Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Memphis Weekend

Friday started off very early. We woke up (earlier than I would for my 8 o'clock) and drove into town where we dropped Miss Annie off with Cindy Griggs for the weekend! We then made our way to Cookeville for a quick flu shot. Then, we were Memphis bound! We arrived early in the afternoon to find a little boy full of joy. He is always so happy. That evening we threw Matt a wonderful birthday party. You can see part of my sister's wonderfulness in a picture below.

Saturday we spent the morning with Jody and Noah while they visited with Owen. We then got ready and took our family pictures. We normally do this the day after Thanksgiving; however, this always ends up being stressful. I am not sure this was much better though. How come I get so stressed when doing my own family's pictures? Or more so, when I am in the picture?? Anyways, I think they turned out wonderful and we got huge smiles out of Owen! I will share those after we have mailed them out! 
That evening we went to eat at The Commissary, upon Justin's birthday request. We traveled back to Matt and Julie's home where the guys beat the girls in a stressful game of Canasta. 
Sunday we went to church with Matt and Julie and enjoyed lunch at Huey's. We left early afternoon for Sparta. We picked Miss Annie up that evening and it seemed she had a wonderful time playing with Cindy's labs! If you ever need a dog sitter, call her up. Her business is called "Spoiled Rotten Pet Sitting." Facebook it.

Even though this weekend was supposed to be about Matt and partly Justin for their birthdays, my pictures seem to only focus on Owen. Oh well! Enjoy! 

I love this one of Dad and Justin playing corn hole as the sun was setting Friday evening.

He. Was. So. Stinkin. Cute.

He loved the fire. 

Here is a small piece of Julie's awesomeness.

He always seems to be the center of attention. 

I love how he is holding his thumb, saying "Yeah, I'm awesome."

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