Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trip to Josten's

This past Sunday, all of the yearbook staff traveled to Clarksville, TN. Every year we try to take this trip, it is a great time of bonding with the group and we get to meet with an artist to help us finalize our theme and cover design. 

Sunday night we stopped in Nashville at Athen's Family Dinner (from Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins, Dives) which was a Greek restaurant. I have never had greek food, and was nervous about trying anything too crazy. I decided to get the lamb burger. It was good but beef is much better!

Monday morning, spent time in Josten's library where there were hundreds of yearbooks to look through. We then toured the plant to see how the books are made. We then met with the artist who helped us finalize our cover design. She sits and listens to our ideas and then creates a masterpiece on her computer. We left with a fabulous cover design and Josten's treated us to Cheddar's for lunch! 

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