Friday, March 8, 2013

The Warehouse Take 2 {behind the scenes}

This past Tuesday night we filmed the last few scenes for our current action film project. The film is pretty violent and the pictures below represent it. There is stabbing with pencils and a lot of blood. So be forewarned before scrolling down. I was the makeup artist, even though I can barely do my own. It was fun to use special products like liquid latex and stage blood for the pencil in the neck. I hope you enjoy these and we should have the video finished within the next few weeks! 

On to other news.. We are on Spring Break!!!!! I am so excited to have nothing to do for a week. I purposefully brought no books home to make sure I did zero homework. =) Smart? Probably not. 
I am taking pictures of a sweet 6 month old tomorrow and the weather is absolutely lovely! So, I am sure you will be seeing plenty of pictures from that and my week with the nephew, Mr. Owen!!

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