Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring is in the air.

After these past few brutal days of cold, it was so nice to have a day of warmth! Annie enjoys it too. 

Can you spot her?

They make my heart sing. 

For the past few weeks, they have been clearing the scary trees behind our house. Today, the finally made it directly behind out house. It is kinda scary sitting in your living room and looking out the back window seeing men cutting down huge trees.. But we are so glad this is happening because one tree already fell during a storm and rest looked far from safe. 

Dirty face.

Oh ya know, just a little sword fighting. 

I hope my flowers last until we move. And I am still in love with my sweet birds my Pa made me. 

On that note, we move in 46 days!!! That means we graduate in 44 days!!! We are just a little bit excited! We already have our apartment and just need classes to end so we can move our lives to Nashville. 

Tomorrow, we are shooting another music video for Trinity Avenue. So look for those pictures and updates on our Facebook page on for a new blog post! 

Lastly, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter with friends and family. 

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