Monday, February 4, 2013

Winter Wonderland

It was an interesting weekend. 

Dayton did not receive much to any snow Friday, but when we arrived in Sparta, there was some fun snow on the ground. We immediately pulled out the camera to take a picture of the farm with snow on the ground (see last photo). I am currently working on taking more pictures of the farm back home. I want a picture of every season. Therefore, we did not want to pass up this snow. 

However..... I woke up the next morning and the ground was covered with snow! We were in a time crunch to get to town for a music video we were shooting. However, after getting ready, I ran outside to capture another snowy picture of the farm. 

After risking our lives driving to town (worst I have seen main roads), we waited outside to get into Oldham's theatre. I walked around and took a few pictures downtown. I hope you enjoy these few snowy pictures. By the time we finished shooting the band, the snow was melted. =( However, this made it easy to return home and not have to stay in Sparta another night. 

The American Legion building

The court house

Around the square

lovely winter wonderland

snow was through was cool until the next day! 

My goal for this next year is to capture pictures of my parent's farm. I want pictures to remember of my dad milking the cows, planting corn, and harvesting his crops. This is an important part of my family's life, and I cannot wait to see what moments I capture this coming year!

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