Thursday, February 7, 2013

David Benedict, and a little free lensing

Last night, Justin and I had the privilege of filming David Benedict. He is a student here at Bryan and is a master at the mandolin. Justin is currently working on two music videos right now (one being David's), and we cannot wait to post them both for you! But as soon as this one is done, it will be on the blog! 

Below are a few pictures I took during the shoot. I operated the camera for the master shots, so there is none from that, but the pictures I took below are for the b-roll that Justin filmed for the video. He was free lensing in all of these shots and the footage from this is going to look pretty awesome. =)

He first played on his guitar then on his mandolin. 

The above two pictures were taken by free lensing. 

T.K. mixed the song while we were shooting the b-roll. 

Free lensing makes me nervous, but it just looks so good! (especially through video)

More free lensing

Stay tuned for the final video! David has just been accepted to attend the Savannah Acoustic Music Seminar in April. You can check out his Facebook page here: and make sure to 'like' it too! 

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