Thursday, February 21, 2013

Annie, in action

So, as I have already posted on Facebook, I am dying to shoot a newborn session. I have so many wonderful ideas and my first step was buying the supplies for my backdrop stand! So today, Justin and I went and bought about 50 feet of pvc pipe! So of course when we got home I had to try it out. Therefore, you are presented with the picture below. Annie and a white sheet I had helped with my trial session. 

We then preceded to go outside and run all of her energy off. She is so fast. Like cheetah fast. Like lightening fast. She can also jump. Like a basketball player. Like really high. She literally has springs in her legs. I have a video to prove this but I don't like how I look in it so I can't bare to post it.. =)

We love her. And she makes some silly faces. 

I love seeing that joyful face running towards me!!


So sweet. We cut her hair around her eyes last night. So I have been singing all day "I can see clearly now, the" I know, cheesy, but she likes it. =)

She loves the outdoors. This weekend we are traveling west to visit the nephew for his first birthday!! woot woot!! So Annie gets to stay with Mrs. Cindy over the weekend. She will have a blast and Lady is staying with her this time too! 
This week has been dreadful, so excuse the silence on the blog, on our page. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm! 

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