Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Jordan is the cousin I have always been closest to. We were the youngest and we spent our childhoods together at Mamaw's house. This year, he asked Miriam to marry him! (I love rhymes) We had known her and her family from our time together at Gum Springs, and we could not be more excited for the both of them! Miriam is absolutely gorgeous, and Jordan could not be more in love with her. I am so excited for them and cannot wait to shoot their wedding in June! 

We had a fun afternoon around the farm taking pictures in some of my favorite places. Jordan took us back in some areas I did not even know existed on our farm. I think there are even a few shots with deer stands in the background =). Even though we very fast ran out of beautiful light, we had a wonderful few hours hanging out and taking some fun pictures! I hope you enjoy this sweet couple! 

We had issues with Jordan's glasses...

Jordan: "I have never sat in the middle of this road before."
Miriam: "Why should you have?"

They have so much fun together! 

She's gorgeous! 

Jordan: "It is a good thing we are doing this now, because I was about to chop this log up for firewood!"

It was not hard to get them to laugh =)


Yummy lighting..

Typical Jordan.

I absolutely loved working with them! Their wedding will be so much fun to shoot! I will also be shooting Miriam's bridal portraits in the spring and I can't wait to see how beautiful she will be! 

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