Monday, October 8, 2012

Nick+Stacey Get Married!!

Earlier this year, one of my sister's dear friends from high school contacted Justin and I about doing her wedding. We were beyond thrilled. She said what really won her over was Justin's video's and specifically the most recent one he had posted at that time of our nephew Owen. After it was confirmed, we began planning her engagement pictures. They were so much fun to shoot! Justin also made of video of their engagement session. I also had the privilege of shooting Stacey's bridal portraits. We traveled up to Whitestone Country Inn in Kingston, TN for an evening filled with lots of laughs, elegance, and sun flare! She was beautiful. 
Then, September 22nd, was here! We started early at the church with make-up and hair. It was fun to see some of my sister's old friends and to catch up with their lives. My sister was also able to help me second shoot, so it was good for her to see her friends as well. Julie was a lifesaver and did everything I asked her to. She helped position people, she helped repeat everything I said, and she kept me calm. Their day was completely Christ centered. Their service was not centered around them, but around the gospel. Their wedding was filled with elegance and the crisp feel of fall. Having a wedding party, or at least just a bride, who is laid back and simply enjoying her day, is truly a blessing. We are honored to have been apart of your special day! Congratulations Nick and Stacey! 

*there is more information about photo booth pictures at the end of this post*

The photo booth Stacey had set up was a big hit. I think this is a wonderful idea for weddings. It allows you to remember who all came to your wedding! And they are also just fun. If you would like to view your photos, click on the link below:!i=2135274649&k=CmsjdNc

You are able to purchase the prints through SmugMug or you can download them directly from the site.  I intended to make the downloads free, but they are charging a small fee to download, so it is $1 to download your photo from the site. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, or email me at

*Directions: When you have selected the photo you wish to download, above the large picture you have selected, there is a button that says, 'buy,' click this and then click 'this photo.' Another window will pop up and there are two tabs listed across the top, select 'downloads.' Then simply follow the directions. 

If you were in the wedding and would like to purchase some of the prints, their album is also uploaded onto SmugMug. 

Thank you for reading! Happy raining Monday! 

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