Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Owen for a weekend

This past weekend, Justin and I were able to go home to Sparta to spend some much needed time with our sweet nephew, Owen. 

Thursday evening we drove up and had dinner at the Gentry's with the Sims! It was so good to see and catch up with them. We sure do miss them! Oh, and I got to see the Gentry's new house, which is super nice. 

Friday morning, mom and I got up and began our journey to Memphis to pick up Julie and Mr. Owen. We stopped in Nashville for a doctors appointment and then made it to the humid, hot city by mid-day. We loaded up and turned right around and headed home with two additional passengers. We had plans of eating somewhere nice in Nashville but ended up just eating at Cracker Barrel in Dixson. We pulled the Volt back into the driveway a little after 11 Friday night. It was a long day. 

Saturday, Julie and I slept in. We got up and Granny and Pa arrived to see the babe. He was still asleep but not for long. He is always nothing but smiles and giggles when he wakes up. Granny held him for a long time while he laughed and cooed. Then Julie decided to try giving him cereal again. She had tried before, but he was just not ready. But this day, he was ready. He ate the whole bowl of cereal and seemed to like it. After eating lunch and a mini photo shoot outside, we headed to Cookeville for some shopping. Owen is a trooper. Justin stayed home to work on his loads of school work. We looked at furniture, mom bought us clothes, and we tried to go to many antique stores but they were all closed. We met the boys at El Tap for super; afterwards, Justin and I parted ways as he head back home for work the next morning. The rest of us went to my Mawmas to give her some Owen time. We ended up watching the Olympics! {which I had not gotten to yet!}

Sunday, a sad sad day, my last day with Owen. Julie, Owen and myself got ready and headed to church (our parents went earlier). We had some troubles getting the parents Volt out of the driveway..  We ate lunch at Gribbles, went to Granny and Pa's to look at stuff and to visit, then Justin and I headed home... 
It was a busy weekend and it went by way to fast, but I love spending time with sweet baby Owen. 

Owen laughing with Granny

So sweet. 

He loves his Gran. 

And his beautiful mommmy

All laughs

and smiles

Not sure what this face is

So serious

love him

Cereal! Getting so big!

Here is a short video Justin made of Owen eating his cereal. 

And don't forget to watch our video and help us get views! {see earlier post for the details}

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