Friday, August 31, 2012


Annie and I had some heated moments yesterday. We spent four hours going through her hair. And she fought it the entire time. We got behind on getting her groomed and she started getting huge matts, especially on her ears. Like the size of a golf ball big. I brushed and I combed, I cut and I pulled. She whined and she jerked. But I did not care, I was determined to get them all out! Hours later she is almost matt free. She has a few around her face, but we need the husband's help for those. Oh and we are going to cut her hair around her eyes so she can actually see. I know my dad will be happy about that one. Overall though, I think she likes having her hair combed, just not yanked at. 

We are distributing yearbooks then off to Gran and Pops we go!
Tomorrow we are filming and photographing Cookeville's Habitat for Humanity Mud Run. It is a huge event and we are honored to have been asked to do this for them.  

And this post is dedicated to the Lens and "Paws" part of the blog. Life with a Labradoodle. 

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