Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekend Away

Every weekend we are away. I cannot remember the last time we were just at home on a Friday or Saturday morning. It is great that we have been so busy with our shoots, but with classes and work, a weekend at home would be nice. However, this weekend is still away but it is completely work free! We arrived last night in Adams, TN with Kevin and Debbie at a cabin. Joe and Alexis are coming up later tonight! Our agenda = nothing. Justin and I have needed this for so long, and we cannot wait to enjoy our weekend that is work and school free. A beautiful storm rolled in last night and Justin took some pretty cool night shots (trying to catch the lightening). I may put those up later. However, we are internet less and this is slowly being uploaded via Verizon Hotspot. 

Our view for the weekend...

Our cabin is literally "on" the water. 

Have a great Friday! 
Our Friday agenda: sleep in, go buy some food, eat, hang out, play Tickets, canoe, and a whole bunch of other relaxing things! It is such a blessing to get to hang out with our dear friends. 

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