Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Away: Saturday in Pictures

After sleeping in, we got up, went to Cracker Barrel to check in on a little prank the guys had made at summer camp a month ago. Then bowling ended up on the agenda. We went back to our secluded cabin and took a nap. We planned on fixing a yummy supper, but we were all still too full from lunch. The guys had a plan that involved glow sticks after dark. They put one in a bottle, threw it in the lake. They then each got in their own canoe and the first one to paddle to it, won. It ended with some wet clothes, sinking canoes, and dislocated shoulders (everyone is okay). We ended the evening with a movie. Vacation is wonderful. 

Our lanes. 
Time with friends is the best. 
Joe and Aleixs
Kevin and Debbie

Fun on the lake after "magic hour" 

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