Friday, July 20, 2012


Last Thursday, Justin and I headed our way to Sparta late in the evening. We ended the night with a few hands of Rook (I think we both one a hand). The next morning, mom and I spent our time cooking with a little antiquing. Justin worked on Greek all day. That afternoon we made our way up the mountain from the valley. My Momo's 80th birthday party was being held at my Aunt Brenda's farm, at their lake. For years we have been doing our 4th of July celebration here. We feast on tons of food and open fire charred chicken, and we enjoy wonderful fireworks. This birthday party was no exception. Momo was not allowed to cook any of the food and we were told their would be no fireworks. But she decided she wanted them for her birthday and she wanted them because that was one of Pawpaws favorite parts about the 4th. We laughed, we ate, we sang, we watched, and we photographed. 

Oh! And Owen got to come!  Here is Owen with his sweet Granny. 

 And Owen with Gran...

 And with Pops..
 Then came the fireworks!
 I spent the majority of the time during the fireworks keeping Annie from running away. Justin took these fine photos. 

 The kids on the dock enjoying the fireworks. 
The children. 

 The children with their spouses.

 All the grandchildren minus the Gallaher sons and their wives. 

 The great-grand children.

 Laikyn and Owen. Cousins. 
And miss Annie, trying to recover after the horrifying fireworks. 

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